5 Types Of Belongings You Shouldn't Put In Self-Storage

There are many items you shouldn't put in a storage unit. People often don't realize this and never read the guidelines supplied by the storage facility. Learn about the belongings you shouldn't put in a self-storage unit and the reasons behind those restrictions.      Certain Seasonal Items You might want to use a storage unit (such as those offered through Midway Storage) for seasonal purposes, which can include putting away items you only use during warm weather.

Keep Calm And Reroute Your Movers: How To Handle Last Minute Re-Relocation

Relocating for your job is normal. What is not normal is reaching your new home and waiting for the moving truck, only to hear from Human Resources that you are no longer needed at the location where you are now. Before you explode into a giant fireball of panic, stop and do the following. Verify Where Your Company Actually Wants You to Be Since you already have H.R. on the phone, ask them where it is they actually want you to be now.

Top 4 Unusual Finds In Abandoned Storage Units

When storage units (like those at Access Self Storage) are abandoned, they go to auction where they are sold to the highest bidder. The contents of another person's life are often pretty intriguing, at least that is what the storage auction reality shows portray. So, you may be wondering, "Are those shows for real? What do people really find in abandoned storage units?" Well, you just hit upon the find of your life!

Kill The Chaos: Four Organization Tips for Small Businesses

While chaos and clutter work for some people, most people are more productive in a clean and organized setting. If your small business, or office, is starting to look like a hurricane victim, you should probably take a day to organize your stuff. While the task may seem daunting, it is actually quite easy to accomplish. If you don't know where to begin, do not worry. Here are four organizing tips for small businesses:

Making Sure You Are Getting The Best Price For Your Move

If you are going to be moving in the near future, you will most likely be hiring a moving service to handle the transportation of your belongings. If you are concerned about cost, there are several steps to take before you hire a moving company to make sure you are getting the best deal available. Here are some tips to use when you start the hunt for a moving company.